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Chairperson, MIER

Dr. Renu Gupta

Welcome to the website of Model Institute of Education & Research (MIER), Jammu. Our website has been designed to provide a comprehensive information about the mission, vision, objectives, set up, structure and programmes of the MIER Group of Institutions.

Over a period of 86 years, the Institute, which started as a small school 'Model Academy' way back in the year 1936 has grown into a group of institutions to serve the learning needs of over five thousand learners from pre-school to the post-graduate level.

In this process, almost fifty thousand alumni have passed through the portals of the Institute who are serving as responsible and productive citizens occupying important positions. MIER has today emerged as a prestigious multi-disciplinary institution of higher learning for optimal human resources development according to the best emerging trends using both formal and non-formal technologies.

The principles of autonomy, flexibility, self-sufficiency, networking, innovation, research, experimentation and service to society leading to excellence have always been our core values.

Our website is not only aimed to update all of you with the latest developments in different Institutions comprising the MIER Group, but would also keep you abreast with the developments, events and programmes in the respective Institutions. We plan to make our site a dynamic channel for interacting with our prospective students, parents, teachers, scholars and educationists. It will also be a medium of sharing and interacting with other individuals and Institutions at the local, national and international levels.

We would also like our website to become an important link for our dear and illustrious alumni for whom this website shall prove to be an important platform to remain in touch with their alma matter.

Happy browsing and thanks again for visiting our website.